Undercover Investigation: Night Club Fraud Exposed While Undercover E-Newsletter Article

In late 2015, Texas Investigative Network was engaged by a Texas law firm to conduct an undercover investigation requiring covert surveillance into a nightclub involved in a civil lawsuit over a breach of a contract dispute.  TIN’s case objectives in the matter were the following:

  1. Determine the monetary charges at the door for those customers entering the nightclub and determine the number of attendees (approximately) who pass through the entrance each evening that surveillance is conducted.
  2. Determine the number of operable bars and/or serving stations within the nightclub on each evening that surveillance is conducted.
  3. Determine the number of customers served at each bar/serving station (and all combined bars/serving stations) each evening that surveillance is conducted.
  4. Determine the typical method of payment for customer drinks (to bartenders and/or waiters/waitresses)
  5. Determine specifically how charges/monies are typically processed by the nightclub personnel once a transaction had been completed
  6. Approximate the total number of customers within the nightclub on each evening that surveillance is conducted.

Undercover Investigation Results

After conducting surveillance on two separate evenings at the nightclub, TIN undercover Operatives observed that on both evenings the parking lot was completely full of vehicles and that the nightclub was crowded.  TIN Operatives observed and covertly filmed over three hours of covert video of constant transactions of the selling of alcohol at all of the bars within the club.  Many transactions were in cash and the nightclub showed no evidence of being “slow”, having a lack of customers, or struggling financially as a business. 

Upon conclusion of this undercover assignment, all video and TIN report work product was promptly prepared and reported to our law firm client for resolution of the pending litigation in this matter.



Bill Pellerin Private Investigator

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