Client Avoids Hiring Disaster – Background Investigation Reveals Smoke, and then Fire – E-Newsletter Article

Earlier this year, a corporate client contacted Texas Investigative Network, Inc. to conduct a Background Investigation on an experienced, viable candidate for employment.

During our investigation, TIN discovered criminal charges previously filed against this candidate for Violation of a Protective Order (from 2016) and Resisting a Peace Officer (from 2014).  TIN obtained the court docs and all relevant, supporting details from these two (2) criminal cases and presented the findings to the client in the form of a TIN confidential report.

Although acknowledging TIN findings as derogatory and potentially troubling, this professionally qualified candidate remained in consideration for this important, risk-oriented, position for hire.  Progressing to the next step in the vetting process, TIN scheduled a ten (10) panel drug test for this potential employee.  The results of this drug test would determine our client’s willingness to extend – or not extend – an employment offer to this candidate.

The results of the drug test were surprising.  Through pre-test physical screening, we discovered that the Subject of our investigation had either a form of synthetic urine or somebody else’s urine hidden in a bottle within one of his socks.  When pre-employment testing is administered by drug labs, this level of physical screening is rarely, if ever conducted.

Not expecting that this level of screening would be part of TIN’s due diligence, our finding produced a “disqualified to test” and “no-hire” result for a candidate that was initially perceived as a good hire.

Background Investigation Conclusion

Thanks to TIN’s effort and willingness to provide a thorough background investigation, we saved our client from the potential disaster of hiring someone with a propensity to use and conceal his use of drugs.


Bill Pellerin Private Investigator

About the Author:

Bill Pellerin is the founder and President of Texas Investigative Network, Inc., a Texas Corporation founded in 1994. The company employs licensed investigators in Austin, Corpus Christi, Dallas, El Paso, Fort Worth, Houston, Lubbock, McAllen, and San Antonio, Texas, and conducts investigations for several major Texas corporations, law firms, insurance companies, and financial institutions. Learn more