Mitigate 88% of Demand for Only 3%: E-Newsletter Article

In 2019, Texas Investigative Network, Inc. was retained by a law firm client to conduct a covert surveillance operation on a plaintiff who was involved in an auto accident, and was now suing for over two (2) millions dollars.  This plaintiff consequently alleged neck, back, shoulder, elbow, and chest injuries.  The plaintiff further alleged that she had become terrified of driving a vehicle, required family to drive her around, has difficulty grocery shopping, and has difficulty performing simple, everyday tasks.

Over a period of six (6) months, surveillance was conducted periodically on this plaintiff.  During this time, the plaintiff was observed frequently driving alone, grocery shopping several times a week, retail shopping, Christmas tree shopping, loading/unloading groceries, hosting a party/event at her residence, driving her son to and from school, and performing everyday tasks without evidencing any pain or discomfort.  In fact, family members were never observed driving this plaintiff around during the six (6) months of surveillance.

Mitigate 88% of Demand for Only 3% Conclusion

Early in 2021, this lawsuit was tried in front of a civil jury.  Per law firm, the jury awarded this Plaintiff only 12% of the original demand.  Upon polling the jurors afterward, several stated the video evidence presented from surveillance was key in mitigating the damages claimed by the plaintiff.






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