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In late 2014, Texas Investigative Network, Inc. was retained by a north Texas oilfield services company to investigate the activities of their General Manager while on a business trip in Houston, TX.  The Corporate Investigation was predicated on the fact that the subject of Investigation was scheduled to come into Houston for a one-day business meeting but, for some reason, unexpectedly decided to fly into Houston two days prior to the one-day meeting.

Texas Investigative Network Investigators Pfister, Roesner, and Amrine initiated surveillance at Hobby Airport in Houston, TX in anticipation of the subject’s arrival.  After successfully locating the individual at the airport and conducting covert surveillance of him until he purchased a rental vehicle, TIN Investigators were able to determine that the subject was staying at a hotel in a suburb of southwest Houston, suspiciously far from the location of his meeting which was two days later.  The same night that the subject arrived in town, he proceeded to a local bar and, after consuming several alcoholic beverages, left the bar while appearing to be intoxicated.

The next day the subject of the investigation was observed meeting a woman at his hotel and, as the subject and the woman were observed entering the subject’s hotel room, covert video was obtained.  This same woman, stayed with our subject of investigation the majority of the day and, after leaving for the evening, returned the next day and again remained with the subject of the investigation until he left for his meeting.  It was determined that the woman who our subject of the investigation was seen with was actually a married, publicly known woman.

Corporate Investigation Results

These findings were promptly provided to the client in the form of professional surveillance reports, which contained several photos captured from the surveillance video.  Our client was very appreciative of Texas Investigative Network’s ability to handle this investigation in a professional, discreet and expeditious manner, thus bringing clarity to their concerns about their general manager.   Our client then made the decision to handle the matter involving their unpredictable and suspicious general manager internally.

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About the Author:

Bill Pellerin is the founder and President of Texas Investigative Network, Inc., a Texas Corporation founded in 1994. The company employs licensed investigators in Austin, Corpus Christi, Dallas, El Paso, Fort Worth, Houston, Lubbock, McAllen and San Antonio, Texas, and conducts investigations for several major Texas corporations, law firms, insurance companies, and financial institutions. Learn more