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In the fall of 2014, Texas Investigative Network was engaged by a Texas company to conduct a corporate, surveillance investigation on a high-ranking executive within the company.  Our client, the president of this company, explained that the executive in question claimed he had a daughter in the hospital that required him to miss an extended period of time from the company.  The executive further claimed that he would be working from the hospital at which his daughter was staying. 

Our client also received information internally that not only was this executive not being honest concerning his daughter’s health, but this individual may be actually on vacation, using his daughter’s illness as an excuse to leave the state.  Upon receiving this information, the company quickly retained Texas Investigative Network for this corporate investigation.

The first phase of our investigative strategy was to simultaneously initiate covert surveillance of the subject’s residence, conduct inquiries at the hospitals where the subject’s daughter was allegedly staying, and initiate social media and subject locate research to determine where the subject was currently located.

TIN Investigators quickly uncovered that the hospital that the subject of the investigation claimed his daughter was staying at had no record of anyone by the daughter’s name currently at the hospital.  While this information was uncovered, surveillance was initiated at the subject’s residence. Shortly after surveillance was initiated, a couple, later identified to be the brother and sister in law of the subject, was observed arriving at the residence and loading groceries and luggage into the subject’s residence.  Later that day, the subject’s four children, including the daughter who was allegedly in the hospital were all observed entering the residence. The subject and his wife were not observed on this day.

On the next day of surveillance, the same four children were observed being dropped off at various schools by the brother and sister in law of the subject.  Again, the subject and his wife were not observed throughout the day.  While the surveillance was taking place, TIN Investigators, through a variety of proprietary investigative means, were able to determine the subject and his wife were actually in the California area at the time of this investigation.

Corporate Investigation Results

All these findings were presented to our client in the form of professional surveillance reportsUpon receiving them, our client terminated their relationship with the subject of investigation and began investigating this former executive’s internal company files.  This research uncovered that the subject of the investigation had actually been embezzling from the company. Criminal charges are currently pending against this same individual for these charges.  In the event that there is reason to believe that your employees are not being honest with you, it may merit further investigative activity as provided above by Texas Investigative Network.



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