In 2016, a Houston law firm retained Texas Investigative Network, Inc. to conduct a covert, mobile surveillance assignment on a Subject, who was suspected of violating her divorce decree by consuming alcohol and having male visitors overnight while having possession of her children. 

Over the course of four (4) consecutive days of surveillance, TIN investigators observed the Subject consuming alcohol, drinking and driving with her children, failing to secure her children’s seatbelts, and having her boyfriend overnight at her residence. TIN captured covert surveillance video of these activities, documented the findings, and presented the video and the professional, detailed report to the client in a court admissible format.

Per the law firm client, the presiding Family Court Judge was so impressed with the clarity of detail laid out in TIN’s surveillance reports that he openly stated that none of the four (4) TIN Investigators assigned to this case would be required to testify in court.  As a result of TIN’s findings, the Subject of this investigation lost custody of her children and was restricted to supervised visitations.  The Judge ordered the Subject to vacate the residence, so the ex-husband could move back in with the children.  In addition, the Judge ordered the Subject to install a breathalyzer on her cell phone for a period of one (1) year.  After receiving this favorable judgment, the law firm client informed TIN that their client (the Subject’s ex-husband) was appreciative of TIN’s work and even stated, “This was the best money that I’ve ever spent.”