Insurance Defense Investigation: Badly Injured…Really? E-Newsletter Article

In the summer of 2016, a Beaumont law firm retained Texas Investigative Network, Inc. to conduct an insurance defense investigation that required covert, mobile surveillance on the Plaintiff in a civil lawsuit.  The Plaintiff claimed that he had sustained a shoulder injury as a result of an accident, which allegedly prevented him from working out.

TIN Investigators conducted two (2) days of surveillance and observed the Plaintiff working as a personal trainer at a gym. On various occasions, Investigators observed the Plaintiff lifting dumbbell weights, utilizing the gym’s bench press, and conducting full range-of-motion squats without showing discernible signs of pain, discomfort, or disability.  Investigators captured all of these activities on covert video, which was presented to the client in the form of a professionally detailed surveillance report and a court-admissible surveillance DVD. The DVD and detailed report illustrated the Plaintiff’s true physical capabilities.

Insurance Defense Investigation Results

Immediately after jury selection and just before opening arguments for the trial, the Plaintiff suddenly became willing to settle his lawsuit without further litigation.  As advised by the law firm, their client received a highly favorable outcome as a result of TIN’s investigation in this matter.

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