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In mid-2015, Texas Investigative Network, Inc. was retained by an out of state law firm to conduct an insurance defense surveillance investigation on a plaintiff who claimed that she had suffered permanent nerve damage as her median nerve was severed, thus causing limitations with her right arm.  The plaintiff claimed that she was experiencing very poor grip with her right hand and unable to pick up anything and hold it.  Specific examples she cited included not being able to use her right arm to lift a gallon of milk, start the ignition in her car, or use a spray bottle.  Additionally, the plaintiff claimed she was unable to work due to her injuries.

Over the course of six (6) days of surveillance, the plaintiff was observed to be constantly driving, shopping, and loading and unloading groceries and various other items into her vehicle on several different occasions.  At no point during these activities did the plaintiff show any reluctance to utilize her right hand/arm to perform any actions.  Further, the plaintiff was never observed wearing any type of brace, orthotic, or medical device on her right hand or any other part of her body.

The most egregious contradiction to her injury claims came on a day where she drove to a major furniture store and, after shopping for an extended period of time inside the store, exited the store three times pushing out three different dollies containing what appeared to be pre-assembled furniture, boards, and other materials.  For several minutes, the plaintiff was observed and filmed both assisting a store employee and personally loading several large pieces of wood and pre-assembled furniture into her vehicle, fully utilizing her right hand while doing so and showing no discernible signs of pain or disability.

Insurance Defense Investigation Results

All of these activities were captured on video and presented to our client in the form of a court-admissible surveillance DVD, along with professionally detailed surveillance reportsPer our client, our reports and surveillance video proved most helpful in reaching a favorable resolution in this matter.

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