Pre-Employment Background Investigation Saves Client from a Potential Disaster E-Newsletter Article

In early 2018, a corporate client contacted Texas Investigative Network, Inc. to conduct a Pre-Employment Background Investigation on a potential employee. TIN’s client was aware of a criminal history, as the Subject had indicated that he did in fact have a prior drug and theft conviction. When asked about these convictions, the Subject would not provide many details. TIN was tasked with providing the critical details of the Subject’s criminal record, so the client could make the best decision when considering this person for employment.

TIN Investigators were provided a photo of the Subject’s driver’s license and his application for employment, which contained his name, date of birth, and social security number. After properly identifying the Subject, Investigators dove into courthouse records and found several previous criminal convictions. Expecting to find one conviction for possession and one for theft, Investigators were surprised to discover the following criminal charges:

1. 2016 Felony — Theft < $ 2,500.00 (2 or more prior convictions)
2. 2015 Misdemeanor — Possession of a Controlled Substance (Carisoprodol); 3 < 28G
3. 2015 Misdemeanor — Criminal Mischief
4. 2015 Misdemeanor — Trespassing of Property/Building
5. 2014 Felony — Possession of Cocaine < 1G
6. 2014 Felony — Theft under $ 1,500.00 – Post 3rd Offense
7. 2012 Felony — Theft under $ 1,500.00 – 3rd Offense
8. 2012 Misdemeanor — Theft ($ 50.00 < $ 500.00)
9. 2012 Misdemeanor — Evading Arrest/Detention
10. 2012 Misdemeanor — Theft ($ 50.00 < $ 500.00)

Pre-Employment Background Investigation Conclusion

TIN obtained the supporting details for the above six misdemeanor and four felony charges and presented the findings to the client in the form of a confidential report.  As stated by the client, they were “shocked” to see this type of extensive criminal record on their job candidate. The client further advised that the Subject was applying for a position that required entering customers’ residences, and there is “no way” that they could justify hiring this person.


Bill Pellerin Private Investigator

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Bill Pellerin is the founder and President of Texas Investigative Network, Inc., a Texas Corporation founded in 1994. The company employs licensed investigators in Austin, Corpus Christi, Dallas, El Paso, Fort Worth, Houston, Lubbock, McAllen and San Antonio, Texas, and conducts investigations for several major Texas corporations, law firms, insurance companies, and financial institutions. Learn more