Disability Surveillance Investigation Leads Plaintiff to Drop Civil Law Suit E-Newsletter Article

In late 2013, Texas Investigative Network, Inc. was retained by a Dallas law firm to conduct a disability surveillance investigation on a Plaintiff in a civil lawsuit.  The Plaintiff claimed he had sustained a serious back injury as the result of a workplace accident he suffered in mid-2012.  The Plaintiff further claimed that he could now only work three hours per week as a result of the accident.  Our client requested TIN initiate covert, mobile surveillance in order to determine the extent of the Plaintiff’s physical capabilities.

Over the course of four days of surveillance, the plaintiff was observed (at various times) hanging up Christmas lights, shopping, bending over on multiple occasions, utilizing a ladder, reaching with both arms while on the ladder, using a leaf blower, operating a table saw and climbing in and out of the bed of a pickup truck.  While performing all of these activities, the Plaintiff showed no discernible signs of pain or disability, which clearly contradicted the injuries he was alleging.

Disability Surveillance Investigation Conclusion

All of Plaintiff’s activities were captured on high-definition video and presented to our client in the form of a court-admissible surveillance DVD, along with our professional surveillance reportWhen the Plaintiff was confronted with the surveillance video obtained during our investigation, he dropped his civil lawsuit, much to our client’s satisfaction.

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