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In late 2018, a Houston law firm retained Texas Investigative Network, Inc. to conduct covert, mobile surveillance on a Plaintiff in a civil lawsuit. The Plaintiff was involved in a shooting incident and alleged that he could no longer work, lift anything, drive, or perform any type of physical activity.

On the first day of this insurance defense investigation, a TIN Investigator observed the Subject exit his residence and appear to smoke marijuana. On the second day of surveillance, the Subject was observed being picked up by a family member and traveling to an IKEA store. After the Subject and this family member finished shopping, our Investigator obtained covert video of the Subject pushing a large cart containing multiple boxes to the loading dock of IKEA. The Subject then began picking up and placing several large boxes inside of the family member’s vehicle, demonstrating no discernible signs of pain, discomfort, or disability. The Subject’s activities directly contradicted his claims, and all of our observations were presented to our client in the form of a professionally detailed report and HD video.

Insurance Defense Investigation Results

Approximately one year later, our law firm client contacted TIN and advised that the Subject’s attorney – Plaintiff’s Counsel – was interested in deposing TIN’s Surveillance Investigator for this assignment. The depo date was promptly scheduled; however, on the day of the deposition, the Subject and his attorney did not even bother showing up. Our client informed TIN that by all indications, Plaintiff’s Counsel was playing games and in all likelihood, elected not to show up for the depo due to the great fieldwork and evidence uncovered by TIN.

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