Corporate Investigations: Employee Out On Disability – Really? E-newsletter Article

In 2019, TIN was engaged to conduct a corporate investigation regarding the activities and physical capabilities of a current employee who was out on disability leave. Our client advised that as a result of lifting some buckets while working, the employee alleged to have hurt his back and began experiencing extreme pain all over his body. He reported to our client that he was having trouble moving around and now had to use crutches when walking.

Over several days of covert, mobile surveillance, TIN Investigators observed and/or captured HD video of our Subject tossing his crutches into the back seat of his vehicle, operating his vehicle, putting air into one of his vehicle’s tires, pumping gas into his vehicle, causing a minor traffic accident, walking various distances without using his crutches, loading luggage into the back of his truck, and then removing the luggage after arriving at an airport.

On our final day of surveillance corporate investigation, our Subject traveled to a tool equipment and supply store, where he walked into and exited this store without using his crutches.  While inside of the tool supply store, our TIN Investigator observed our Subject squatting down to floor level, using both hands to grab a generator, hoisting up and placing the generator on top of his shopping cart.   After paying for the generator, the Subject walked back to his vehicle, lifted the generator up again, and placed it into the bed of his truck.  According to the tool company website, this specific generator weighs forty-seven (47) pounds.

Corporate Investigation Results

Thanks to our Investigator’s state-of-the-art, covert video equipment, HD video was obtained from the Subject lifting the generator up on both occasions. This surveillance video armed our client with evidence that directly contradicts the Subject’s claims and led our client to promptly terminate this Subject’s employment with the company.

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