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Texas Investigative Network, Inc. was recently engaged to conduct a family law investigation for a partner at a law firm that has worked with TIN in the past. After a six-month marriage, he filed for divorce and had a TRO issued to prohibit her from contacting his father who had dementia, and his minor children, who were not hers. Familiar with his wife’s history of manipulating others for her own personal, material gain, this attorney had legitimate suspicions regarding her visiting his father and his biological children. Our client believed it was simply a matter of time before she began making attempts to contact his children and his father, who was living in a retirement home in the same city.

During the first week of covert, mobile surveillance, his wife was observed meeting with two of our client’s sons in the parking lot of a building materials company located on the rural road the boys usually took in the morning when traveling to school. This interaction was captured in HD video and served as evidence of a clear violation of the TRO.

In addition to violating the TRO, our client’s wife was observed on another day in a compromising situation involving one of her ex-husbands. Our surveillance Investigator captured HD surveillance video of our client’s wife entering the back seat of a curiously parked white SUV and joining one of her previous husbands for an afternoon “get re-acquainted session”. Shortly afterward, the wife was observed exiting the white SUV through the back door, while her former husband remained inside of the vehicle and then eventually departed the area.

Family Law Investigation Results

During the final divorce hearing, the wife publicly and repeatedly acknowledged violating the TRO. TIN’s work product was admitted into evidence leading to ground-breaking rulings from the court. On her appeal of the TRO which had now become a Permanent Injunction, the Appellate court cited the evidence of her previous violations in upholding the Permanent Injunction.

TIN’s client was very thankful to have the photos and video from the surveillance conducted, advising TIN that “a photo was worth a thousand words”. Further, the client advised that TIN’s photos and videos astonished everyone in the courtroom during the hearing.

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