Corporate Surveillance Investigation: Mom Makes An Amazing Recovery E-Newsletter Article

In the summer of 2019, Texas Investigative Network, Inc. was retained by a Texas law firm to conduct a covert, mobile surveillance assignment. The Subject of this corporate surveillance investigation was denied her original worker’s compensation claim due to questions regarding the incident which caused the alleged injury. The subject claimed the injury happened at work; however, since her employer found a copy of her softball schedule on her desk, our law firm client suspected that she had hurt herself playing for her softball team.

After her claim was denied, the Subject began taking off from work via FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) alleging she needed to tend to her sick mother. Again, our client and the Subject’s employer suspected the real reason the Subject was taking off from work was to play in her softball league.

During the first two days of this corporate investigation, TIN Investigators observed the Subject at home and running errands, but she never visited her mother. On the morning of the third day of surveillance, the Subject emailed her employer advising she would not be at work due to her mother’s health taking a turn for the worse. Later that morning, the Subject was observed running errands, but again, never visited her mother. Later that night, TIN Investigators followed the Subject to a local park where she and her softball team participated in a softball tournament. The Subject played in this same softball tournament on the fourth day of surveillance, even though she continued to allege her mother’s health was quickly deteriorating.

Corporate Surveillance Investigation Results

All of the Subject’s activities were captured discreetly on high definition surveillance video and were submitted to our client. TIN’s corporate surveillance investigation helped bring clarity to the real reason the Subject was missing so much work and allowed our client and her employer to make an important and informed decision as to her future with the company.

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