Background Investigation Reveals Key Witness Lied in Deposition E-Newsletter Article

In early 2018, a law firm client contacted Texas Investigative Network, Inc. to conduct a Background Investigation on a Witness (Subject) of a physical altercation that resulted in the death of one of the parties. During a recent deposition, the Subject stated he did not have any active misdemeanor or felony cases, yet he appeared “very uneasy” when answering this question. Our client, suspicious that the Subject was not being forthright as to this line of questioning, requested that TIN conduct a criminal history investigation on this witness in order to assess his credibility.

Our client provided TIN Investigators the Subject’s name and some important identifiers. Investigators were able to delve into misdemeanor and felony records that had been filed throughout the U.S. and found several previous convictions. TIN Investigators were shocked to discover the following charges in this Subject’s criminal history:

1. 2013 Misdemeanor — Telecommunication Harassment (Active Warrant for Subject)
2. 2005 – Misdemeanor – Violating a Protection Order
3. 2003 – Misdemeanor – Violating a Protection Order
4. 2001 – Felony – Burglary
5. 1998 Felony – Domestic Violence & Telephone Harassment
6. 1998 Misdemeanor – Unauthorized use of a Vehicle
7. 1998 Misdemeanor – Menacing
8. 1998 Misdemeanor – Theft
9. 1998 Misdemeanor – Falsifying an Official Document
10. 1996 Misdemeanor – Criminal Damaging or Endangering
11. 1995 Misdemeanor – Phone Harassment
12. 1990 Felony – Vandalism
13. 1990 Misdemeanor – Knowingly Damage and/or Endanger
14. 1990 Misdemeanor – Domestic Violence

Background Investigation Conclusion

TIN was able to obtain the supporting documents for each of these charges, including an active out-of-state warrant, and presented our findings to the client in the form of a professionally detailed, confidential report. Consequently, TIN Investigators were able to establish the clarity needed as to this Subject’s criminal history. Our background report armed our client with criminal history data that was factually associated with this Subject. This information allowed our client the leverage necessary to challenge the credibility of this Subject’s testimony.


Bill Pellerin Private Investigator

About the Author:

Bill Pellerin is the founder and President of Texas Investigative Network, Inc., a Texas Corporation founded in 1994. The company employs licensed investigators in Austin, Corpus Christi, Dallas, El Paso, Fort Worth, Houston, Lubbock, McAllen, and San Antonio, Texas, and conducts investigations for several major Texas corporations, law firms, insurance companies, and financial institutions. Learn more