In November of 2019, a corporate client contacted Texas Investigative Network, Inc. to conduct a Background Investigation on a current employee (Subject), as our client was suspicious that the Subject was not being forthright about his past.

Our client provided TIN Investigators the Subject’s name and some key identifiers.  Investigators were able to delve into criminal records and found several previous convictions, including a Failure to Appear charge and a current misdemeanor charge for Driving under the Influence of Drugs, Toxic Vapor, or a combination.  Court records showed the Subject was currently on probation for the Driving under the Influence charge.

TIN presented our findings to the client in the form of a professionally detailed, confidential report.  Our background report provided factual data to our client, who was shocked to learn the Subject was currently on probation.  This information allowed our client to make an informed decision about the employee’s future with his company.