Just recently, three individuals – with seemingly no professional profiles – formed an international business consulting group and targeted a very profitable company to defraud.  While meeting with the shareholders over a period of months, the three fraudsters were able to obtain proprietary financial data under the ruse of using this data to entice venture capital groups to invest in the company.   Instead, the confidential data and financial privileges granted were used to detrimentally affect transactions within and outside of the company, and the monetary losses from this fraud exceeded eight figures.

TIN quickly learned that one of the three Subjects involved was deceased and was able to develop residential address information for the other two Subjects – one in Mexico and the other in the UK.  All of the international research, telephone inquiries and on-site investigation for this civil law firm assignment was completed in a matter of a few short weeks and allowed our client to initiate a civil cause of action against these fraudsters and their fictitious entity.